Move to Gibson Whitter

We really enjoy meeting new clients, making a positive difference to their businesses and building happy, long-term relationships.

Some clients stay with their current advisers even though they’re dissatisfied with the service provided, fearing that moving will be complex, time-consuming and acrimonious. That needn’t be the case; we’ll make it really easy to move your financial affairs to us, with the minimum of effort for you:

1. Tell your current adviser (if you have one) that you wish to move to us.

2. We’ll handle the exchange of information directly with them, and take care of the whole process.

3. Once we’ve received your information, we’ll start our relationship with you.

It really is that easy and, as the information is usually readily available, your previous adviser should not charge you for this process.

Of course, if you’re setting up a new business and currently have no adviser, the choice is straightforward: make the best possible start, with Gibson Whitter!

We’re always delighted to talk to you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.