Fee Protection

Given HMRC’s aggressive pursuit of additional tax revenues, an enquiry is an increasingly likely prospect. While we’ll do all we can to help minimise the risk of this happening, sometimes it’s simply unavoidable.

Unfortunately, an HMRC enquiry can be very stressful, time consuming and expensive, even if you’re confident that you’re already tax compliant.

Should you face an enquiry, we’ll use all our expertise to support and guide you through the process – even if you’re not currently a Gibson Whitter client.

You should bear in mind that accessing the best advice during a complex enquiry can be expensive; even if you avoid paying extra tax, you could still run up a large bill. That’s why we recommend Fee Protection Insurance, so you can face an enquiry with one less thing to worry about.

We can arrange cover not just for your business accounts and returns, but also for your personal tax returns, VAT, and payroll compliance.

To find out more about Fee Protection Insurance and get a quote, please contact us.