Protect yourself from the professional fees of an HMRC enquiry with our Tax Investigations Service

HMRC have a target of closing the £7 billion tax gap and, as can be seen from a number of recent news stories, they are becoming increasingly aggressive in their approach. HMRC will be conducting 20,000 Business Records Checks this year alone and it is reported that 12% of businesses will fail the BRC audit.

No matter how much care you take over your affairs, no one is immune from an HMRC investigation and the fees for dealing with them are usually significant. The professional fees are the responsibilty of the tax payer, whatever the outcome of the enquiry – even if there is no additional tax to pay.

Our Tax Investigations Service allows you to protect yourself from the professional fees and offers you peace of mind should the taxman come knocking. Please contact us if you would like further information on this service.